What we are doing for the community 1st blog

Hello valuable reader. The fair is fast approaching.

Thank you for reading our first blog.

We have secured our space at 92nd and Harold.

We are actively booking bands.

We have secured a stage.

We have secured a sound engineer. The amazing Jake form the last few years.

We are actively recruiting volunteers. You get a T-shirt for working half the day. Thats just 2.5 hours.

What we need… Sponsors and community partners. We have a new expense of $2000 to raise funds for. This item, while a little bit secret, will be an amazing addition to the event.

What else we need… local visionaries that want to take ownership of parts of the fair. Last year a local took ownership of the children area and it was amazing. We are looking to expand it and can always offer more.

We have been reformatting this webpage in the hopes of making it more pleasant to read. Creating this blog is done in the hopes that our community can see just where we are as we get ready for this year.

Thanks for reading

~Lents Fair Team